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International Business

Donde Esta La Biblioteca? Where Did All the International Friendly Firms Go…Into the Archives?

  • Over the last decade, large global banks have largely ignored international wealth management

  • Multiple factors have contributed to the decline in international business, including the 2010 Dodd-Frank law, which severely restricted the bank’s ability to take on risk and created harsh penalties for not implementing money laundering policies

  • Laidlaw is NOT a bank, and is in a great position to service clients in most countries and in multiple different currencies

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The Shoemaker’s Children Have No Shoes AND No Inheritance

  • It is estimated that over 60% of advisors don’t have a succession plan or catastrophic plan for their own business.

  • The SEC is proposing a rule that requires a written Business Continuity and Succession Plan for all RIAs.  It is very comprehensive and if you have the fortitude to read all 96 pages here

  • Wealth advisors need a firm that not only partners with them, but with their family and/or estate as well. Something Laidlaw Wealth Management has always believed in.

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Equity…. the pros and cons. What’s really under the hood?

  • The old Wall Street Partnerships with a great culture and shared equity ownership where all incentives were aligned are coming back

  • The best way to attract like minded advisors is to share in the ownership and be true partners through equity

  • The fairest and partner-like equity is the one that gives you a significant stake in the firm for taking the risk to join them at the founding price with the same class of stock for everyone

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